Slow Apps Lose Users

Monitor production apps to ensure performance issues are discovered and addressed promptly.


  • Spinners

    Find long spinner times that are increasing app abandonment.
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  • Frame Rate

    Capture low frame rates causing freezes and jitter in apps.
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  • Network

    Track run times for API calls and analyze associated errors.
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  • Memory

    Discover out-of-memory terminations, memory warnings, and peak memory.
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Find Root Causes of Performance Issues

  • 0s 1s 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s 7s 8s
  • User touches
    0.1 sec User presses login button
  • showing spinner
  • url requests
    0.1 - 5.4 sec Spinner shows during long image download
  • low Frame Rate
  • Method Traces
    5.4 - 8.0 sec Screen freezes while UITableView method runs


  • Adam Muhlbauer

    Mobile Developer, Groupon

    “ pointed to a significant gap in performance between high end devices and low end devices. We are now replacing legacy code to help close the gap.”

  • Ryan Dudley

    Lead iOS Engineer, GREE

    “ uncovered major memory-related terminations not detected by previous techniques. These accounted for roughly 25% of all our crashes on lower-end devices.”

  • Patrick Martinchek

    Founder, Breeze Camera

    “Breeze Camera pushes the boundaries of memory usage and CPU utilization on iOS devices, and we struggled to find ways to closely track performance after release. With, we receive a granular view of app performance with every user action, allowing us to quickly improve the product.”

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