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Mobile ain't the web

There's new problems. It's time for a new solution.

Fix Frozen Screens

See what user interactions result in an unresponsive UI...all the way down to the underlying code
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Time Important Transactions

Measure key parts of your app, then dig into the details with dynamic filters.
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Eliminate Network Bottlenecks

Keep an eye on slow APIs, broken urls, bloated payloads, and missing assets
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Troubleshoot Memory Bugs

Make sure your fancy app isn't running its not-so-fancy phone out of memory
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Monitoring made easy

You focus on building great apps. We'll make sure they run great for your users.

Maintenance Free

Our extensive auto-instrumentation gathers insights with a single line of code.


Capture all aspects of mobile app performance without any extra work: frozen screens, long network requests, and out of memory crashes

Faster Troubleshooting

Get the data you need to solve problems fast, from the type of device to the functions that were running when things went wrong.


  • Ayman Luqman

    Lead iOS Engineer, MyFitnessPal

    “In the past we would rely on user emails to tell us something is wrong in production. Now we know before users get to email.”

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  • Adam Muhlbauer

    Mobile Developer, Groupon

    “ pointed to a significant gap in performance between high end devices and low end devices. We are now replacing legacy code to help close the gap.”

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  • Ryan Dudley

    Lead iOS Engineer, GREE

    “ uncovered major memory-related terminations not detected by previous techniques. These accounted for roughly 25% of all our crashes on lower-end devices.”

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