Pulse.io is joining Google!

Pulse.io started with a vision for how to bring the world of performance monitoring into the mobile age. Since then, our tools have helped developers ensure their tens of millions of users have a great mobile experience. We can think of no better place to continue our journey than at the home of Android.

Our sincere thanks to everyone that has helped us on our journey so far. Moving forward, our team will focus on incorporating our technologies into the Google ecosystem. Though we’ll no longer be enhancing our product with new features, it will remain available for now, along with support, to our existing customers.

We dream big, and we’ve only just begun to deliver on our vision. With the rocket fuel from our new home, we look forward to the places we’ll go.

Monitoring made easy

You focus on building great apps. We'll make sure they run great for your users.

Maintenance Free

Our extensive auto-instrumentation gathers insights with a single line of code.


Capture all aspects of mobile app performance without any extra work: frozen screens, long network requests, and out of memory crashes

Faster Troubleshooting

Get the data you need to solve problems fast, from the type of device to the functions that were running when things went wrong.

Mobile ain't the web

There's new problems. It's time for a new solution.

Fix Frozen Screens

See what user interactions result in an unresponsive UI...all the way down to the underlying code
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Time Important Transactions

Measure key parts of your app, then dig into the details with dynamic filters.
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Phone 1

Eliminate Network Bottlenecks

Keep an eye on slow APIs, broken urls, bloated payloads, and missing assets
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Troubleshoot Memory Bugs

Make sure your fancy app isn't running its not-so-fancy phone out of memory
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Our Customers

Our users come in all shapes and sizes. But they share one thing in
common — a passion for great user experiences.